Who We Are

Our Mission: Sharing the love and promise of God

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

As part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) we share a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. Liberated by our faith, we embrace you as a whole person—questions, complexities and all. Join us as we do God’s work in Christ’s name for the life of our community and the world.


Our History

Founding and Early Days

In the spring of 1922 a small group of Lutherans began meeting in a rented room over Poull’s Department Store (now the old Ziegler Company building). Field Missionary Reverend William Stump traveled to West Bend every weekend to conduct services there and to visit the homes of Lutheran families. It was the only church in West Bend where services were conducted in English.

On September 19, 1922, twelve Lutherans met with Pastor Stump in the home of one of the members and took action to call a permanent Pastor. Reverend Paul Wetzler became the first Pastor of our church in February of 1923. On April 1, 1923, the charter was closed with a total of 49 members.

At the first congregational meeting on May 4, 1923, with a membership of 47 voting members (26 families), the purchase of the lot on which our church now stands was authorized and a building committee appointed. In July of 1923 the mezzanine floor of the Masonic Temple was rented in order to hold Sunday services and conduct Sunday School classes.

The building committee was authorized to proceed with the construction of the church on July 18, 1926. Membership at the time was 43 families consisting of 88 members. The church was completed in December of 1926 with the first service held December 12, 1926. In December of 1932 our pipe organ was purchased and first played at the Christmas Eve services.

Expansion and Mid-Century

Consideration toward acquiring a new church site on the former Johann farm property (where the YMCA is now located) began in 1952. In the end however, they chose to expand with construction starting in October of 1956. Dedication to the newly expanded church took place on November 17, 1957.

On January 19, 1959, the official name of the church was changed to Trinity Lutheran Church. Later in 1959 the church acquired the parsonage on Fifth Avenue, and due to continued growth, the congregation purchased the adjacent Lochen property on March 18, 1962. The nearby Handke property was also purchased four years later.

In 1967, Trinity’s radio broadcast began over WBKV / 1470 AM each Sunday morning. This important outreach of the church is still in service today.

On May 6, 1973, a long standing dream became reality as ground was broken for the new educational unit. Dedication for the educational unit was on June 2, 1974. During Pastor Carmala Aderman’s seminary from 1984 to 1985, she introduced the congregation to women in ministry.

Contemporary Times

Beginning in Trinity’s 80th year, the congregation began building for ministry by renovating the church by adding spaces that enhanced fellowship, study and community outreach, as well as adding an elevator and accessible bathrooms so that all God’s children could worship with us. Going beyond brick and mortar, Trinity expanded adult day care in partnership with LSS and The Threshold, and committed itself to the care of individuals in the community by entering into partnerships that provide counseling for those in need.

In 2010 Trinity joined other congregations in the community to help start Family Promise; an organization committed to providing shelter for homeless families. Family Promise has joined forces with other organizations in the community to help provide shelter for the homeless both individually and as families. Trinity also helps provide day center space for Family Promise as well.

Starting in 2012, Trinity began a program called the A-Team, to help students develop the tools to become the best that they can be.

Trinity Today

Trinity has been a part of the West Bend community for over 90 years. The average attendance is approximately 250 children and adults that span the generations. We are the first Reconciling in Christ congregation in Washington County and we invite you to be a part of the wonderful things that are happening here.

Trinity strives to be a warm, diverse & inter-generational community where all are valued equally and where ‘real life’ is welcome. Whether you are just visiting, or seeking a place to belong, we welcome you and invite you to come as you are, grab a cup of coffee and get acquainted. This is Christ’s church, there is a place for you here.

Trinity Staff

Pastors Cristy & Dave Schoob

Pastors Cristy & Dave Schoob



Shirl Curreri

Shirl Curreri

Parish Coordinator


Hazel Griffin

Hazel Griffin

Music Coordinator


Sandy Duehring

Sandy Duehring

Bulletin/Newsletter Editor


Cheryl Scaffidi

Cheryl Scaffidi

Children's Ministry Coordinator


Donna Hallada

Donna Hallada

Volunteer Coordinator


Phil Wagner

Phil Wagner

Facilities Manager


Church Council

Seth Bergerud, President — Ministry Support

Leah Rineck, Vice President — Stewardship

Katie Martin — Treasurer and Finance

Jim Anderson, Secretary — Tech Team

Linda Amacher — Worship & Music

Candace Anderson — Faith Development Ministry

Dorothy Barnes — Worship & Music

Renee Holcomb — Outreach

Bryan Johnson — Property

Sandy Poenitsch — Invitation

Travis Thorin — Community Building